Question with wheelingcycle store.

Well im looking in the store for some parts because of a earlier wreck.

Im confused with the zeta handgaurds. they come seprate from the aluminum gaurd?? but it says the guards are $$80 :banghead:is that for one or as a pair?? same for the plastices are they sold as one or a pair??

Also i thought i saw the dual star mirrors there and now cant find them!!

Are they on there??

Everybody raves about his customer service so you should give him a call.

1.888 274 0886

Everybody raves about his customer service so you should give him a call.

1.888 274 0886


Just call them.

x2 give them a call they wont dissapoint.

Call them.

I had an order that was missing an item... it showed up the very next day. They must have packed it as soon as I hung up with them... and sent it overnight.

Best customer service I've received in a long time. (and I own a shop)

They come in pairs, but it makes sense to call Forrest there anyway. Super nice and easy going guy that wants you to be pleased. He can probably get you dual star pricing too.

+1 on zeta levers come in pairs

Armor Handguard Mfg by: Zeta

  • strong, lightweight aluminum bar design
  • designed to fit everyone's riding style
  • available in 4 hard-anodized colors
  • black titanium red and blue colors
  • fits 7/8" or 1-1/8" handlebars
  • straight or bend style
  • each kit contains two (left/right) guards
  • protectors sold separately

And they are well worth the $80 + the $22 for the protectors. :bonk:

You should really check out

They seem like excellent handguards and you can get mirrors that fold into the handguard when your not using them or to keep them from getting broken when on the dirt.

Forrest at wheeling has those too, he just lists them separately. Check out everything you want and then give him a call, sometimes you can get the "special treatment".

He's a super guy and great service.

Um looking at those from the front, I gotta say kinda GHAY


Zeta's are definately not ghay in any way




But that's just my opinion, vote with your wallet.

Alright thanks for everything ill give them a call!

as far a ghay- function over form... anything that keeps my hands intact is good with me...

+1 on Wheeling and Forrest... they are great

i will order from them again. they did well for me. they actually answer their emails in a very timely fashion.

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