need some opinions

i had just gotten my first motocross bike but ive been riding for years and its an 07 CRF250R and was wanting some opinions on what to do to if as far as aftermarket to get some good snappy throttle response and cool looks let me know what ya have in mind

Snappy throttle responce, get an adjustable leak jet. The R&D with the float bowl is about $200. This also eliminates the G-out bog from hard landings that the Honda is prone to have. You can buy a cheaper one which is what I did, but either way you go, you really can't beat it for throttle responce. You can buy all kinds of cool aftermarket parts to build it up, but you may have well just got an 2009 or 2010 450. The FI machines are absolutely incredible for responce.

On the cool looks, you should see 100 responces. Everybody has their own preference. Just look at the pictures posted on this site and it will give you a pretty good idea. I personally like the black look.

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