HR 689 please support OHV!



Yup, me too.

Thanks for the link!

Done, although the scary thing is they went to Feinstien and Boxer both democrats notorious for supporting "wilderness" bills.

Please, the BLM is no longer your friend. In the rand MTNs near Cal City they are attempting to gather a $50 permit to ride into about 20 square mile area. They claim road maintenance but someone here can add to this. The real problem is that it includes street tagged vehicles and a hefty fine if your caught without your permit. I have not heard what the final fee is or whether or not it was legal for them to collect this fee. We will find out this season. BLM also likes to cruise covertly into your camps at night to see what your "up to". They also like to check your green stickers and run plates while your away from camp. I have had them do this to us personally over the years of camping in BLM lands. In the 80's the BLM guys would tell you "just don't kill yourself I don't want to have to pick you up" when asked what not to do here. Cops and robbers wasn't their game. They were pretty cool then. This is MY opinion and I'm sure there are good ones(BLM people) out there but so far.....

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