XR250 or XR400, which one should I go for

I am in the market for a plated XR and have come across a 250 which has been opened up to a 270 and a 400. I am a new rider to the dirt and cant decide. Both bikes are clean one is a 2000 the other a 2001. How much heavier is the 400? I hear how good both bikes are and cant make a decision.

well i think it all depends on the type of riding you are going to be doing. i have a CA plated XR400 and love it. i ride trails, fire roads, desert and commute to work a few days a week. how big of a guy are you, that might be a deciding factor. i'm 5'10'' 170lbs and have no problems throwing around my 400. just my 2 cents.

Im the same size as you and plan on riding mostly trails, forest roads, and some single track mixed in. I will also use the bike around town on surface streets. Im leaning toward the 400 after having my heart set on a 250 for so long. Decisions decisions.

Go for the 4-Hunny. I wouldn't feel very safe buying a 250 that someone else modded for larger displacement because you won't know who they had do the work or if it was reputable.

You already know the mechanics of how to operate a motorcycle, and your size is adequate to manipulate the weight of the XR400, plus you said you want to dual sport it. I see no reason to get the 250 in your case over the 400 unless you really plan on doing tons of tight woods trails and just never mentioned it in your post.

If going to ride on the street, get the 400........

I agree with the votes for the XR400. I would think a 250 might not satisfy you as well for the street.

400 all the way. Bulletproof and penty of torque.

Doug! Whats up guy.

Oh, my opinion is go with the 400. The 250 isn't that much lighter. My neighbor had a thumperracing 250/280 in the late 90s. It was more fun than a stock 250, but required constant attention and the 400 had it covered on juice.

I have both a 250 and a 400 The 400 is 15lbs more then the 250. trails 250 street 400. I have a buddy who owns a shop he talk me into a 400. His words the do everything right. He also ask if I ever saw one in his shop, I never had. One thing change oil alot and make sure you dont overtighten the drain plug My boy did crack the case. I guess this is easy to do he only 13. Good luck have fun wheel side down

I have an 2000 XR400 and just sold my XR250. The 250 is a great starter bike. The weight difference is noticable but worth it IMO. Go with the 400. I also wouldn't want a bike that has been bored over.

I have both xr300 and xr440.For tight trails real tuff,I like the xr300.For faster long rides xr440 the xr4 does work dam good just about anywhere.Both bikes have run as long as stock bore xrs

Take this from me... as a guy who rides a 250... get the 400. It has a much better power to weight ratio and the parts are much easier to come across. My friend has a 400 and it runs so smooth, at least compared to my bike.

I have both. I love the 250 in the mountains. Singletrack is sooo much easier on that bike and it has a lot of torque. The 250 can climb any hill the 400 can because of it's torque. How often do you need all the speed and power of the 400 in the mountains anyway? If top end or explosive power isn't what you need then I say the 250.

The 400 is great when you want to not worry about what gear you're in and haul balls but the extra weight will wear you out quicker then the 250. The 400 feels HEAVY and big, even when compared to newer 450's.

On the street, the 250 will be boring and under powered. But if you're only using the plate to keep the Fuzz off your back while trail riding then who really cares that it's under powered on the street.

Oh, by the way, I'm talking about the xr250R, not the xl250.

Just my 2 cents.


you can ride it slow like a 250 & fast like a 400.

offroad the extra torque makes up for mistakes.

weight diff is minimal.

i might add a modern FI woods bike at sometime in the future, but my xr4 is street legal & i will not sell it! it's one of those classic bikes never to be made avail in the US again.

love mine. only bike i might consider upgrading mine to is sold in italy, so no go. one could make a US xr4 have all this if so desired.



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