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5 days/681 miles in Hell (pic heavy RR)

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5 days in hell! (long RR & pic heavy)


The Plan: Myself and Owensdrylake will ride from June Lake to Death Valley & Back. 5 days total, take our time, live off the Bikes, stay in some free cabins, and see what DV has to offer… do it all on the cheap… No fancy hotels, and no $15 cheeseburgers, but plenty of Jagermiester!

So the plan was set in motion… Departure date: Wed, Oct 14th…

Bags are packed with all the necessities: Two 30oz MSR cans of fuel for the thirsty 6-fitty, 2 bags dehydrated dinners, all hand tools, 2 tire irons (Motion Pro), tube, patches, soap, powder (not the good powder), CO2 filler, two cans Vienna sausage, 4 cans smoked oysters, air filter, trail mix (the ones with the M&M’s), Corn Nuts (6 bags), cellie, chain breaker, lots of extra links and pins and shiz… and a bunch of other stuff.


October 13th… day before…and it’s F-in dumping snow and rain! 6 inches in June lake so far SUX! Here’s a pic from my back porch.


DAY 1: Due to the snow, we decide to move the start over to Crowley lake – nice and dry down there… and not at 6am either. After packing and unpacking the bikes, it turned into a 10:00 start time instead. But we’re off!


Here’s Owensdrylake doing the secret Hwy 395 crossing via large culvert…


The 650, being even more top heavy than it normally is (imagine that), has an issue. See those rocks on the right???? That’s where my head landed - broken handguard, nothing major. I like the stock handguards cause they’re super light – but they provide minimal protection, and break easy.


Owensdrylake checking the map. On our way down to Benton


After lunch in Benton we decide to shave some time off our day (because of the late start), and take Hwy 6 for about 10 miles to the first dirt route that’ll take us up and over the Whites, and around Boundary Peak, and drop us into Fish Lake Valley, NV.


We lucked out, and got up and over… just under the heavy snow line. We saw some wild horses on the other side as well.





Once in FLV, we headed on over to the ole secret dirtbiker’s trailer.




This old towable is situated perfectly (sun at our backs) on privately owned land. It comes complete with fruit trees, .762 ammo, AP mines, and other force multipliers that make it the perfect post apocalyptic getaway. Quadtards and Rino gays beware: ONLY single track access to this gem. Sorry... (total mileage for day one: 91 miles)




Owensdrylake uses maps, memory, and intuition - GPS is only used as backup… when needed. Here he is planning the next day - in the belly of the beast.


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DAY 2: We hit up the local gas station/fireworks supply house the next morning for fuel and a pack of skyline 1oz rocket assortment. Still had a little room for em – and the Rangers in DV should appreciate them as well. We got to the gas station early, and had to wait for them to open up - 9:30 during winter months. Did a chain adjustment, charged up the camera batt, and shot the shiz with a road worker…



Then, after a short pavement stretch, it was on to Death Valley.




I promised Ossidog I’d bring him back a picture of that old statue he made when he was a young boy. Here ya go Ossi! Hope you like the angle! With ole glory in the back too!


We soon found ourselves in Rhyolite, and then Beatty, CA. What a beautiful place! We had lunch at a small Mexican food restaurant… I got the burger and fries for 4 bucks. After Lunch (approx 3pm), we decided to jump on the 95 for about 10 miles. After the short jump of Hwy, we soon found ourselves on a nice section of the BITD Vegas to Reno course that led us out behind the Armargosa Big Dune and over to Echo Cyn. Echo Cyn was SUPERun! It was long, with lots of Rock drops, narrow chutes, and sweet rock formations!










After getting beat up pretty good in Echo Cyn, we arrived in Furnace Creek (nice and tired) - grabbed some beers (tall Modelo’s), and dinner (a bagel topped with cream cheese, salami, honey, mayo, advocado, mustard, and a side of chips) from the local tourist trap.


And set up camp at the local campground (total for the day: 183).


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DAY 3: Woke up early (6am-ish) with a splitting headache… and scorpions under my pillow – packed up, fueled up, and had a nice breakfast (1 large Mean Bean and 2 caplets Tylenol), and hit the road (7:30)!



We did a short section on Badwater rd, and then it was dirt (West side Hwy)… past the Devils golf course (love all the cryptic names in DV )… and over to Warm Springs Cyn (Jubilee Pass RD). Warm Springs Cyn was very scenic, and took us up and over Mengal Pass – and There were many cabins to see along the way… all of them free to the public for use (Warm Springs Cabin, Geologist Cabin, Stella’s Cabin, and Russel’s Cabin…just to name a few).










Owens taking the “fast line” towards the the top of Mengal Summit.


Mengal Pass dropped us into Goler Cyn/wash, which runs down the E. side of the Panamint Range (Super scenic and Super Fun), and spits you out into the Panamint Valley (wingate rd). Since it was burned, we decided to skip the Manson Familiy hideout.




Wingate rd. led us to Southpark Cyn, and back up into the Panamint range.. South park climbs fast, and was a real ass-kicker – with overheating bikes and all!




About ¾ of the way up Southpark Cyn we came upon Briggs cabin and Stone Cabin… The Briggs cabin was taken by some damn wheelers, so we stopped and checked out the Stone Cabin. What a killer little cabin! It came complete with soft beds, cook stove, shower, drinkable water, 12v lights, and a wood burner. Even though it was still early (2:00) we just couldn’t pass up the shower and beds – so we decided to unpack and settle in.



Later that evening, We shared some of our precious Jager with the wheelers in the upper cabin, and in return they shared some Whiskey with us… We all ended up getting pretty buzzed – exchanging Baja race stories and trash talking the BLM and other various Government agencies (a good time 4-sure) – super nice people! Much later that night… Burros and packrats made quite the ruckus outside… but we slept good despite them. (total miles for the day: 93.2)

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DAY 4: A Super early start (sometime before sunrise), and we found ourselves back in the deep shiz… The cyn didn’t decide to get easier over night – and seemed to save the worst for last. No need for coffee, I was wide awake on adrenaline. Throw in a precarious bridge crossing, some rock ledges, a rock death chute or two, and a few Jawbone style gravel/loose rock hill climbs… And you got yourself a good time! hahahaha!!!! SUPER FUN!!!!!





Southpark cyn loops around to Pleasant Cyn (which is much more pleasant), and more cabins as well – except these are a little more vandalized.



Pleasant spit us out into Ballarat for lemonade and conversations with Rocky and his dog. After shooing the shit with Rocky, we hopped on the slab for a bit to Panamint Springs for an extra greesy breakfast. Breakfast in Panamint Springs was GREAT, and the cook called us “dumb &%$#@!” as well – which made for an enjoyable time! I love desert rats. Thanks to the cook, who didn’t know how close he came to an ass kicking, the management decided to give us 25% off our meal! HAHAH!!! Good times! We were soon back on our bikes and in another bitchen cyn (old toll rd.), which took us all the way to Darwin. Darwin was great, just wish I had more time to exchange pleasantries with the local hippies. After getting lost a few times outside of Darwin, we soon found ourselves looking over the Owens Valley and the Owens Dry lake (not so dry anymore)! What a sight! We quickly dropped down a super fun high speed wash that dumped us out on to the slab (hwy 190)



We made our way through the small town of Keeler, rode past Carson’s house, through the Keeler dunes, and over to the secret dirtbikers shack - AKA: “the shack,” or “Shack-o.” Like the Fish Lake Valley trizzy, the Shack-o is another well constructed and privately owned, post apocalyptic/bug-out super structure – well defended and well supplied... Here, we met up with our support convoy, who just so happens to be skilled in the art of Baja (Class 8) race support, and stocked with ice cold beer coolers and happy dogs. We were very lucky indeed.





We ate and drank the night away –fried pig from Vallarta, and bum grade Vodka! A great time – until the Chihuahua (launch manager) got stung by a scorpion… (total miles for the day: 112)



DAY 5: we rested… ate more pig, drank more beer, wrenched on the bikes, drove the taco around…up to Cerro Gordo, Over to the Boulder creek RV park for hot showers, around the not-so-dry lake, and played in the dunes a bit (and didn’t get stuck – but I tried)… It was nice to sleep in and relax (total miles for the day: 0)







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DAY 6: “The Long way back.” Packed up camp and fueled in Lone Pine and on the road by 9:30am(another late start). I’ve noticed that if you’re not on the road by the a$$ crack of dawn, you’ll be short cutting and bailing out to hwy sections to save daylight – this day was no exception.



We rode back towards Swansea and hopped on the old tram road to Cerro gordo. After a day of drinking and resting, I was in no mood to tangle with rocks… but we did, and we made it out unscathed.






We finally made it up to the salt tram… what a view!






Owensdrylake planning our next DV attack…


Saline Valley…and 100+ temps. No time for pics, I had that 6-fiddy pinned. And so did those fly boys (two jets above the dunes in pic below)



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After the Saline Valley, we slabbed it a bit over to some single track… 9.5 miles of beautifully cut ST above Big pezze.. just sit back and enjoy the pics..















After playing on some epic ST, we stopped in Big Pezze for Big burritos… It was getting late, so we jumped back on the bikes, and continued up the Owens… Stopping only because I attempted a water crossing that I SHOULD NOT HAVE… now my boots were filled to the top, and it was getting rather cold. HAHAH!!! We made our way through Bishop, and after some more ST in Mustang Mesa we decided to Slab it up to Toms Place for something warm to drink (AKA: Jager).


From Toms place, it was a short slab home… (Total miles for the day: 199)

We spent 5 days in the dirt (as planned)- with a grand total of 681 miles on our bikes (144 hwy / pavement miles, and 537 offroad miles).

Thanks to GPSxchange (specifically Jerry Counts) for supplying some of the tracks and waypoints we used on our ride. Thanks also to those crazy old miners for cutting in some of the sick trials we rode! Jim from Carson City for giving me some fuel in Southpark Cyn, and those crazy wheelers who got us buzzed and gave us water! Thanks Kim and Isabel for hooking up the food and drinks down at the Shack-o, you guys are the BOMB! And thanks to everyone else who helped us!!!!!!

The end…

Damn that was long.

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Most excellent ride report! It's about time somebody posted a good one.

HAHA! Thanks DD!

Actually, I failed to mention...

But This RR is dedicated to all the Haters... you know, that always lurk their way into the CA forum... and then they like to tell us all about how great their state is and how F-ed CA is.. Well this is for all you Haters.. hahahaha!

You know who you are.

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Just posted the tracks on gpsxchange in the CA forum... for those interested. It's trimmed up quite a bit, and some "things" left out - but you'll get the picture.


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HAHA! Thanks DD!

Actually, I failed to mention...

But This RR is dedicated to all the Haters... you know, that always lurk their way into the CA forum... and then they like to tell us all about how great their state is and how F-ed CA is.. Well this is for all you Haters.. hahahaha!

You know who you are.

Yeah, Im bummed I didnt stop when I rode past your place at June(or is it your friends?) You were all outside but I didnt stop :bonk:

Maybe I could have gotten in on this.....dare I say...Epic... ride.

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Hey, Thanks for the compliments guys... That F-n RR took forever to make! HAHA!

On a side note...

I've never been one for saddle bags on my ride, but on this trip I didn't really have a choice... Me (XR650L) and my brother (XR400) went with these soft pannier bags... and we couldn't have been more happy with our purchase.

I don't personally know, or have a stake in this company, I'm just giving credit where credit is due.

Great Bags... easy on and off.... and still kinda small - so you cant over pack them with sh@t, or even really tell you have them on.


if you're in the market, they come highly recommended!

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