just got a new truck

my parents just got me a new truck down in florida, the guy they got it from was a pro rider by the name john/jon logan #787? any ideas who this guy is

here is the truck


Nice truck man! I picked this one up last week, I love it :bonk:VolleyballJessTruck008.jpgVolleyballJessTruck017.jpg

^^do yourself a favor and get rid of that chrome crap on the bottom and the mud flaps. nice truck

To each his own opinion but I love the chrome and if I took the mudflaps off my truck would be a mess from hittin mud at least once to twice a week and 20-30 miles of gravel each day would eat the paint off the bottoms of my fenders. Trust me, it happens to every vehicle we own if it doesn't get mudflaps right away.

i think both trucks are nice congrats

think he mostly meant that the chrome stuff is just a trap for water and it will rust way faster under there. always does on that type of shit.

my parents just got me a new truck down in florida

here is the truck


Hey man, think your folks would adobt an older brother for ya:smirk: J/K. I have a 2500 and these trucks will take a beating forsure. I wished mine looked 1/2 as good as yours. Good score and enjoy your truck.

thanks everyone

Man you guys are lucky, i wish i had parents that would buy me a truck, they wont even sign a loan for me.

nice truck. gotta love the rams. i have an 07 1500 QC

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