Radiator gaurds


Wondering what's better the cage style like a MSR, or the support style like Works Connection. Thanks for the input

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I installed both of them on my bike. It was a little tricky, but its gonna take a pretty good crash to budge those radiators. I had just the WC braces on and they kept bending. After I installed both styles I haven't had any more problems. :bonk: If I had to pick between one or the other I would go for the cage style braces.

go with tha cage style they are very strong, i had just the brace style and they did not save my 200 dollar left side rad a bit. this is the first mod i would do. they make the rads nearly indestructable.

I went with the WC's on my '09, and really like them, though a lot of members have had issues, I have had none.

And yes, I have crash tested them several times and they are preventing damage and holding up fine.

Check out the flatlander guards, they are like a cage as well as a brace, very beefy and totally protect the radiators.

I've got a set from an 05 for sale if that fits your bike.

I have the devol cage/brace needless to say my day ended early yesterday with a washout in a soft sandy/mud corner. My friend has the WC brace and has put them through a lot of crash tests, still good.


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