switch to trials tire(s) size help

bought a 4.00 18 rear and a 2.75 21 front to replace a 80 100-21 and a 100 100-18. on the conversion chart it showed aproper conversion is 3.00 21 and a 4.10 18. will it be a problem to use the existing tubes? would there be any other problems? any help would be appreciated.

Your tubes will work fine.

Just be prepared for a job, with most brands designed to be ran tubeless, trials tires fit TIGHT. The rear at least is a bear to get the bead to seat. Front I don't know about, never knew anyone to use one.

Lotsa bead lube and 50+ plus lbs of air to get mine to seat cpmpletely. Worth it though.:bonk:

getting the tire on is harder than seating the beat. They are super hard to mount, and you have to use about 60 lbs.

if you are riding it on the street the bias tires last longer-----prop the tire up in front of a space heater and get it good and warm

OK. finally got the tire on, was easier than I thought. didn't get the bead to seat at first, deflated it and lubed it up w/ soap (forgot the first time) and seated perfectly @ 50 lbs. Thanks for the advice. Would have had it on sooner but work for the railroad and go out of town every other day. Didn't mount the front, want to see how the rear hooks up first. Heard it's a huge difference.:bonk:

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