Will Drz400E spockets fit an S model?

Can someone please tell me if E sprockets fit an S model, I presume the rear wheels are the same so they will fit no problem? I know the E sprockets are 14T front and 47T rear which is what i'm running at the moment which need replacing

yes they will fit

yes. Unless you are taking them off another bike, when you go to purchase them simply tell them the bike it is to fit, and then choose your number of teeth for each sprocket. 14 and 15 seem common for the front, but I believe 13 and 16 also fit. I believe 40 - 49 are available for rear depending on where you order from.

I currently run 14 - 48 on my S and it is fine. I intended to have 15 - 48 but mistakenly cut the chain a link short because it looked like it was too far up on the wheel adjuster cams (for a new chain) and I took out one more link. Be warned.

You are getting a new chain with new sprockets aren't you?

Yes i'm getting a chain and sprocket kit from a mail order company hence a quick check it will fit before i part with my cash

About the only difference you may notice is 'street' chains have rivet master links, dirt ones have the clip. The new sealed master links are such a tight fit you should not have a concern with using one on street.

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