Question about new handlebars and cables.

Hey, so I have a stock 02 DR-Z E, I am 5'8, and have noticed the bars are pretty short. I want to buy new ones for sure, but it seems like the cables dont have the clearance, mostly the throttle cable. What cables would you guys recommend? What handlebars would you also recommend, as I only need a little height gain, annd price is a big factor by the way. Also, completely off topic but whatever.. when I replaced my ACCT with an MCCT, I think the previous owner did something to the ACCT because for the life of me I CANNOT get it to compress at all. Thanks in advance!:bonk:

I like the $50 moose bars

I have protaper Contour CR Hi Bends, with protaper 7/8 to 1 1/8 adapter which add a little rise. I'm 6'3" and its still too short but MUCH better and cheaper than going with new Tripple clamps.

and did you both need to get new cables?

i used a high bend ATV bar, which is higher yet and i didn't need to replace the cables with longer ones. i did, however, have to reroute the throttle cables.

icic, Ill look and see if I can reroute them better.. seeing that you did it, I prolly can too.. :bonk: thanks!

I went for Universal Alloy bars and 40mm risers.

I re routed my throttle cables up the other side of the frame with the clutch cable and have plenty of length.

Clutch cable is just long enough

Good to know! =D god bless TT :bonk:

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