'03 WR450f fork question...same as 250f??

I recently picked up an '03 WR450 that is in pretty condition except for a leaky fork seal. My mechanic says the fork is lower is too pitted from rust to allow a good seal, and a used fork tube may be the way to go.

So....I've been looking around for a set of good used forks, and I found some that are from a WR250f of the same year. Will these bolt right on? I checked the online parts finder and they are different part numbers, but both are supposedly 46mm Kayaba. I have heard the only real difference is that the 250 is sprung slightly softer, which is a definite downer for my 200lb frame. Are there any other real differences?

Any help will be appreciated!

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but other than a slightly diff spring rate - as you stated - the forks are identical. I just reread the 2003 new model release as a refresher, and that's what I came away with.

Ahh...that's the answer I was hoping for. Thank you for the quick reply.

So then, would a YZ450f fork also be basically the same as the WR's, with the exception of slightly stiffer settings?

I guess if I was shopping for a used one, the stiffest one would be the best one for me.


I don't know if the 250 to 450 are the same or not, but if they are as stated above with the exception of spring rate, you can swap out the springs from you old fork(s) to the new one. It's a pretty easy event and you'll have the forks off anyway.

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