'87 XR250R top end

I'm sure this has been asked over and over, but I just need a quick answer. I need to re-do the top end on my buddy's 1987 XR250R before Sunday's ride. I have to pull the whole motor from the frame to do the top end, right?

No, Pull Pipe, Seat, Tank, Top Motor Mount, and Carb.

Pull Shifter Side Cover and Access Window so You can line up Top Dead Center.

Sweet man. You're a life saver...or at least a labor saver.

Funny thing. I spent a half hour kicking his bike a month or so ago, and it never fired once. I brought it to my house this morning and kicked it a few times and it fired. A few more kicks and it actually started. It was running terribly, and I was fiddling with the choke trying to keep it running. All of a sudden it just cleared up and ran fine. My best guess would be some kind of crap in the carb or on the spark plug, but either way, I'm not rebuilding it...yet.

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