Tank Interchangeability

so im going to moab in a couple weeks and its looks like my 05 yz250f tank will be too small for some of the rides. my dad has an 02 wr426, the guy he bought the bike from converted many of the wr parts to yz parts so he has the stock wr tank off the bike. will this tank work on my bike?

no and yes..... It will require a bit of modifying and adapting to get the mounts taken care of and you will need the shrouds from the 02 along with the seat as the seat base is different.

Save yourself the headache and order a IMS or clark tank....that will solve it quickly and easily.

or pack gas....either in a container (MSR makes a qt metal bottle) or Acerbis has a extended tank you can mount in place of the number plate and it connects by hoses...I think it is about $90....tank will run you a couple hundo and the bottles are $20 a piece (REI caries aluminum bottles with a screw on cap for stove fuel that work great to).

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