RMEC Enduro at Milliken this weekend 10/25

Who's in?

A/B's race in the morning and C's at 1pm. This is a really fun and easy format.

I'm in!:bonk::bonk:

My son + I were thinking of doing this event, but we are beginners.

would it be suitable ??

This would be a very good event for beginners, family ect. The C only race that afternoon was not super technical or exausting in years past and I would assume no difference this year.

My son + I were thinking of doing this event, but we are beginners.

would it be suitable ??

ABSOLUTELY!!!:bonk: This is the best race of the year for beginners!!! If you need any help getting it figured out there will tons of helpfull people on site !Including me .. look for #201 on a ktm


My son + I were thinking of doing this event, but we are beginners.

would it be suitable ??

This isn't a bad one to get your feet wet at. The terrian is not typical enduro stuff. The loop is only about 6 or 7 miles long if memory serves me right. Part of it is on a motocross track and part on the open property. There is an endurocross section that they have arounds for the C riders and if you chose to go over any enduroX stuff it's pretty easy stuff.

It's a great one to get a feel for an enduro, the format, scoring and whole race experince. The real nice thing is the C's start later in the day this year and you will done and home at a reasonable hour.

thanks...we will be there, My son on KX250F in under 16 class

I have 07 XC450F, Deffinately C class rider 48 yrs old....I was going to race sportsmans which is what I have ridden in a couple of hare scrambles at berthoud...would that be best??

Also could my son + I start on the same row/minuit??

Also could my son + I start on the same row/minuit??

Yes, I think RMEC rules require anyone riding 16 and under to ride with an adult anyway. I'm sure Rex or someone can clarify that rule.

He will need to ride in the 200 c class for this one due to there is no under 16 class in the AMA and it is a AMA sanctioned race at Milliken. When you sign up ask to be on the same minute and I'm sure the helpful volunteers will do what they can to help out

Clint hit on it pretty well, Ray offered up the help and I will out Clint on this one too. Feel free to find us. All 3 of us will be racing the morning program. Ray has that 201 on is his bike, I will be in a grey Chev pick up and they are both in white pick ups all 3 of us on KTMs parked together and we will have the 3 most beautiful women acting as our pit crew :bonk: Look us up if you have any questions. We would all be glad to help ya out.

Ok - who has a race report.

Ok - who has a race report.

It was a race

I was in the morning program, driving up early it was pouring rain almost all the way past Longmont making me think it was going to be a wet cold one. Got up past Berthoud and the rain stopped. Pulled in at the track and there was moisture on the ground but the tractor was tilling the track and kicking up dust. Temp was pretty chilly but once we got riding it wasn't bad.

The course started on about 1/3 of the MX track then off into the endurocross stuff that consisted of a rock section (broken up cement) over a large drain pipe, then over some smaller logs, then the sig. obstacle of Milikin the PVC pipes. The course then went out into the dry fields, then back for a little piece of the MX track, then back to the dry fields then we dropped in to a muddy, grassy lake bottom. The mud was just on top but it make it slick. Then back on to the MX track to finish. About a 7 mile loop. The long course riders did 1 sight lap, then a race lap, break, a race lap, break, then 4 laps racing.

The course was choppy and some dust came up in places. Saw snow a few times but never enough to make you wet and I never heard anyone complain about being cold except for the pit crew who did lots of warming up in the trucks.

Not sure how I finished as the scores were slow in getting posted and I was ready to get to a buffet lunch of Italian food, I ate way to much of. But I felt like I had a decent ride.

Chew from here had a high speed get off and his wife took him to the ER. He ended up banged up but nothing broken and being the tough SOB he is he finished the race even after his get off.

Big thanks to everyone that worked the event!!

Thanks guys, diddnt see your post till after the event , shame I missed your beautifull women pit crew....my beautiful woman said it was too cold and stayed home!!.

Did enjoy the event though, including watching my son ride the number in ront of me.

Quick question....had to leave b4 the results were posted due to kids homework, where/when will the results be published??

the promoter has 2 weeks to get the results to the RMEC scorekeeper and as soon as he has them they will be up on the site racermec.org


Glad to hear it went well. I was at work on Sunday and the weather there sucked all day so it sounds like it was better up north.


Glad to hear it went well. I was at work on Sunday and the weather there sucked all day so it sounds like it was better up north.

Probably slightly better. Hope your racing this one with us next year!!!

On another note, the RMEC web guy has been great about getting results up within 24 hours of getting them from the promoter so he will be posting them as soon as he gets them.

Hope your racing this one with us next year!!!

I'm hoping to have a bike:thumbsup: by Chadron and try and do most of the series next year. Depends on how some circumstances work out over the winter.

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