Concept Yamaha

2015 Yamaha WR450R, only $18,995 US. :bonk:

Abs makes sence, its on a few crotch rockets and beemer bikes for a while now and I can see how it helps out noob riders from locking brakes in panic, but traction control??! :bonk:

traction control, trials tire, rekluse clutch

divided by xr 250, equals the ultimate old mans bike

there has been abs in bikes before this

Man, I hate this kind of stuff...if this ever makes it to the bigger bikes and actually gets produced, it will ruin the fun of actually being able to handle a big bike instead of it handling itself...just like the rich punks running around town here with new Hyundai Genesis Coupes, taking corners like nothing and thinking they're good at driving, when in actuality they could never drive a car without ABS or TCS. I don't want this same theory being shifted to mx :'(

Imagine all the goon riders with deep-pocket parents there will be if this actually happens...

That...and the concept is insanely ugly, just like half of the concepts at the Tokyo show every year are anyways... bleh...

What? No burn outs? Nice colour though.

Concept bikes have always been R+D wankfests and never enter production in anything other than seriously watered-down form, if at all. In these cash-straitened times it's kinda reassuring that the bike companies can still afford to come up with these bizarre creations for us all to laugh at.

Still, anti lock has been around for decades so it's reasonable to assume that traction control will raise it's ugly head in a big way at some point.

I'm still waiting for someone to come up with a tyre that morphs from motocross knobbly to cut slick at the touch of a button. Come on Japan, how about it? :bonk:

BMW's have traction control and ABS... also, that Super Teneré is a trail bike.. not enduro or MX, traction control would be nice in complicated soils...

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