Need help finding replacement springs for my 2003 TT R-225!

I am really coming up short on my search to find some replacement springs for my 2003 TT R-225. I've called racetech and BBR and my local dealer (who is still looking, but hasn't come up with anything so far today), and nobody seems to carry any aftermarket suspension upgrades for this bike. Heck, at this point I might just be happy to know I could get an OEM replacement.

Basically, I bought this bike for my wife to learn on, but I'd like to upgrade it now so that I could also ride it a bit when I wanted to. I'm 180lbs and 5'11", so the stock suspension, which is now a bit worn out after 6 years of riding, is pretty saggy...enough that I'm doubting that the minor amount of preload available will make much difference at this point and I'm pretty certain I will bottom it out on any kind of jump. So I'd like to just replace the springs all around with something a bit stiffer, obviously preferably tuned for trail riding any my weight, but I would be happy with just something that was even 'somewhat stiffer' than stock.

Does anyone know anyone that would make such a thing for my bike?



Try Canon spring, they make a bunch of stuff

I mainly trail ride, and weigh about 220. The front forks were way soft for me as well. One cheap option is to replace the fork oil with a heavier weight oil.

I recently replaced my seals, and while I was at it, I went with 20wt. oil, and it made a big improvement without much cash lay out.

Cannon racecraft is supposed to make different weight springs. Don't forget when looking, that the XT225 also has the exact same forks as the TTR.

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