Went to the track for the first time today

It went pretty good, wasn't as bad as I suspected. I ended up getting some guts and cleared this forgiving triple torwards the end of the day. I was happy with myself. I had the track to myself most of the day and two more riders showed up towards the end and I pushed it a little harder.

I went to Creekside MX in West Newton PA. It's a great track to learn to jump on, I didn't really have any experience prior to this and I was doing pretty good by the end of the day :bonk:. One thing that really suprised me was the fatigue, it sets in really quick on a track, in the woods i'm usually not feeling it for atleast 20 minutes. I was getting tired in just 2 laps on the track, probably partly because of how much effort I had to put into jumping since i'm just learning I'll probably go back the next sunny day kus it was awesome. :bonk:

Couple pics I got, only one with a decent roost shot, they kept taking them before I got on the gas






That's awesome man good stuff:thumbsup: tracks are a lot of fun and yes they do wear on you quick! Just be careful not to push your body beyond it's limits that's when things get real dangerous! Ride within your abilities keep it up and have fun:thumbsup:

Yeah I was thinking about back in the day when I ran cross country I would reach the point of almost blacking out sometimes, and then I thought how bad that would be going into a big double or something.

sick, u did better then me. i went to the track got my guts and broke my arm lol. i guess i got the stupid guts. but cool pictures.

That's awesome man. Glad you had a good time. :bonk:

glad you had a good time.. The fatigue will start to go away with seat time.. You say you ride trails.. If the trails are on your property then try to put in more challenging obstacles to get you fatigue and wear you out that way you will condition yourself. Keep it up!

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