Chain slap??

When I'm giving it a lot of gas under low rpms, I get a sound that sounds like chain slap from the left side of my bike. I'm pretty sure that its not the drive chain and am thinking its the cam chain. I've tightened my drive chain a bunch and the sound is still coming. all bolts are tight. Do I need a new cam chain, tensioner or cam guide? how can I tell which one?

any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

I can't tell you if you need a new cam chain, but I can tell you that I hear what sounds like the same noise all the time from my bike and my cam chain is fine. In my case its just drive chain slap. It doesnt matter if my chain is brand new and tensioned properly, it still slaps. If you do a search on this you'll see a lot of CRF owners have the same issue.

good to know. probably is just chain slap then. I'll try the 1/8" strip of rubber under the upper chain guide.


Generally you will hear that when giving it gas at low rpm's because it is pulsating the chain so hard.:bonk:

My 02 has done it from day one. No issues. It is probably associated with the torsional vibrations of the engine being transmitted through the chain.

stick your chain guide to your swing arm with silicon , it reduces the noise of the chain slap and stops the chain guide rubbing side to side

down shift a gear !!! the chain slap will disapear !!!!

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