Jimmy Lewis likes the 2010

I'm so relieved.

he made the new 450 look like a vintage 426 out there. :bonk:


Jimmy who?

Hmmmm, finally a bike he can't seem find anything to bitch about....he does mention that this bike will change the way riders ride MX...this is interesting coming out of his mouth, and the bike just looked planted everywhere on that bumpy track, that was my takeaway of the yami vid.

Then I watched the KTM DR test Video (on the side bar)....I did not think it was stellar by any means. If fact watching both the bikes being riddin on a track, I thought the KTM rear end kicked more and looked more like a pogo stick....than the yami. It may have more power but power without the total package ain't the winning formula anymore. It is the overall product and I think this is the best Yami and the best KTM 450 to date...but they both are too expensive, up to $9500 clams...fogetaboutit! ....in a dirtbike market of "crap resale" these bikes first year depreciation will be about 35-40% or possibly higher depending on geography and that is just a lot of pain.:bonk:

No wonder Yami will only allocate 1-2 per dealers....KTM will probably be close to the same....New bike prices will surely not help the MX industry here this year or anytime soon....a great time to buy a used bike though:bonk:

at this point i don't care about first impression rides. i am more interested in long term testing, issues, and things you have to change on the bike from stock.

like most people, i'm going to wait for the 2011, or 2012. let them work out the bugs and really fine tune the bike. I have no desire to be a beta tester/guinea pig for yamaha this season.

as the previous poster said, my bike has depreciated so much at this point that it is worth keeping for a couple more years vs taking on 9000.00 worth of payments for 2 years.

Jimmy does seem pretty critical, esp compared to many other editors/mags, but i believe thats a good thing so when he really says something works it makes it more credible. I'm interested in the stabilitey esp since the steering is said to be light.

From his description of how the suspension works it sounds like the work of DaveJ at SPI.

I f the suspension is that good like they say and the forks also.......may not have to get it redone.

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