Greenridge State Forest

Anyone going to Greenridge on Sunday 10/25?

...well ya shoulda! It was awesome.

Glad U had a good time. Thinkin of goin up on the 31st of Oct.

I've got a young'un, so I can't make it for Halloween. The fall colors were at their peak, so I'm sure you're going to have a lot of leaves on the trail. Have a blast for me!

Will do. I'll let u know how it goes. Guy

Judging by the leaves in my yard, I think you are going to stay puckered most of the day. It's no excuse not to ride, but it will be scary I'm sure.

We went up Sat. It was a great day for riding. We left about 1 as it was starting to rain. Yes, it was a bit slick so we had to keep the speeds down. It was also very hard to see rocks, ruts, etc. through all of the leaves. There were some awesome puddles or pools that were unavoidable! It was great! Guy

I'd like to make it up at least one more time before rifle season starts. I went last year on the opening day of rifle season thinking that the OHV trail would be off limits to hunters. Man was I wrong!

Yea, it gets a little scary when you see everyone with guns ! Guy

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