Big thanks to all of the DR authorities here on TT

All I can say is wow!!! I would have spent 10x the amount of time and probably many more $$$ without the info I found here:worthy:

I've been lurking around picking up ideas here since I bought my used 00' DR back in Feb... It is my first DS bike and I just got around to ordering and installing the upgrades/fixes I learned about here on the DR board :bonk:

I wanted to start with the suspension to handle my weight (220 inc. gear) So I put on some Eibach fork springs and fresh oil up front... then installed procycles rear shock spring, replaced stock 5w with 10w oil, and set the suspension to the factory low position (the way the service manual recomends and not the way the previous owner had it)...

Then it was time to address the fuel system... I repacked the Supertrapp and ground down the glob of a header weld at the flang... Then I rejetted the stock CV carb, drilled the slide and put the clip in the proper position on the needle... Finished it off by put in a twin air filter (the air box was already hacked) and installed the fuel valve from a Raptor on the IMS tank...

Finished it off by cleaning up and updating the looks with a new headlight cowl, Supermoto fender, and DR250 tail light...

The end result is night and day... The DR now looks and rides like a different machine:banana:

Thanks again, this place rocks

That's the beauty of model specific forums. :bonk:

just wanta 2nd up the thanks from 1000lbs. everyone's been a big help.:bonk:

one of these days i'll be asking for more... :bonk:


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