kx100 or crf150r

Hey guys,

I just recently bought a used cr80rb expert on craigslist. I think im too big for it because im flatfooted evan when both feet are 1.5 feet away from the bike. I was looking to get a bigger bike and I was looking at the kx100 and the crf150r. Im 5ft 5inches and weigh about 110lbs and i like riding tracks mostly. I was kindof leaning twords the kx because its cheaper to maintain and all that. anyway i just wanna know what u guys think. Thanks

The KX is lower than your CR. It seems like you're ready for a full size bike. I suggest you look into the 125 2 strokes.

How old are you? If you like the 2-strokes then u need to step it up to a 125 2-stroke. But the seat height is 38 inches which might be the only problem but as u get more experienced it will become easier. Your age will make the big decission here. You dont want to buy a bike then have it be too small in one year. And the 4-strokes are always easier to work on than the 2-strokes by the way. But the kx will have some more power but like i said step up to a 125. YOU WILL BE HAPPY U DID

im 13 and if i were to get a 2 stroke 125 which brand would u reccomend cr,kx,sx,yz etc. Also is the crf150r expert almost as big as a 125?

No, the CRF150R is the same basic size as a KX100 . Check out the size of the wheels in the specifications when you're looking at bikes to give you a quick idea of the bike size.

Sounds like you need a 125 and any of them will be just fine; buy on condition, not color!


aight thanks

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