2009 sixsixone fenix - fusion

has any one used this helment? or have had a helment from six? if so, do they fit good? hows the venting and padding on it? good air flow etc.

thanks for the help.

if i put this in the wrong section please let me know.

I got the 661 flight and I love the thing. It fits a little tight when you first slide it on but I have a little head but I want my helmets to fit tight and not move once they are on so it may just be the size of the helmet I choose. And I hear some ppl complain about how close the mouthpiece/guard is to your face but I really like it to be close just feels safer. It has no affect on your breathing or anything. Overall I love the hadies out of my 661 man.

A guy like that should be on a Yamaha!!!!!

any one else

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