rm250 rpm and temp..

was wondering if anyone knew what operating temp range is for an rm250? and where should i measure this temp?

also, what does everyone think a reasonable peak power range is? as in average of torque and hp between a certain rpm, i was thinking somewhere around 8500?

im making a triple clamp mount tach and might be putting a thermometer on it, all of it will be LED's and waterproof, rubbermount, diamond plate, etc.

thanks for the help


Damn, Sounds serious!

I don't know where you could find this info from. I would say Suzuki engineers would have this info. You may want to try and contact them and see if you can get anything out of them. Also try Eric Gorr, James Dean of JD jetting. They may have some insight for ya.

cammedDRZ might have some info on this as well.

I was thinking about this the other day watching the guys tune there Nitro RC Cars. I think you would have to measure the temperature on the barrel to check how the bike is running. Not sure what it would be or how accurate. But I am sure there are 2 stroke guru's that could give some answers as to the best running temperatures...

The temperature is going to have a lot to do with when you're running and how your running. My temps run well under 200°F when I'm running with enough speed to keep air flowing over the rads adequately. when it's hot outside and I'm torquing through slick crap in the woods with little speed I'll start noticing the bike boiling over and the temps are between 212-226°F.

FX sells temperature stickers that you stick to the sides of the cylinders. The range is from 150 to 250 °F, they're a little pricey for stickers but they work reasonably well.

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