Off-road route to cross entire central Florida?

I just bought a mint '07 XR650L back in July (uncorked, White Bros Exhaust, jetted, uni-filter, Shinko E-700s). I live in Brevard county (east coast central Florida).

It's seen about 50/50 on road and off road since I drive it to work and explore trails almost every other day driving it home from work. There seems to be enough trails around here (I hate sugar sand but I can finally ride in it). But trails are short (few miles at best). Everything is subdivisioned off down here so you must drive way north to Mims or south to Palm Bay to hit the longer trails. And scanning Google Earth and other maps it appears ultimately a lot is cut off by the St. Johns River on this side.

Does anyone know a route from the central east coast of Florida (Brevard) to west coast (Pasco/Pinellas) that is all off road/trails?

Join as they do this ride "Cross Fl-". I did the ride a few years back & it's not entirely all dirt. You ride thru about 10 different Forrests/WMA plus Asphalt linking it all together. Fun ride!


DDS Cross Florida - excellent ride! I did it on my DRZ. You are forced to do a little pavement, but you take a northerly route one way across, spend the night in a motel, then take a southerly (totally different) route back. You pay a fee, but they take care of pretty much everything except for your gas money. Food, motel arrangements, etc. are all prearranged. They even provide a support truck to carry your overnight stuff. All you do is show up and ride.

+ 3 on DDS. They also have organized Adventure and Dual Sport rides/events in central and north FL. Lots of good folks there - like those 2 guys above. Capt D.

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