KX 125 last year made

Sorry if this is in a thread somewhere but the search is still not working.

Can someone tell me what the last year the KX125 was made. My son is ready for his first big bike and I am not up on the Kawasaki's. I have only raced honda and the plan was to get him on hondas to but as it turns out he has only raced Kaw, his first new bike by chance was a KDX 50 and then you almost have to go with the KX65 and we happened on a real good deal on a KX85, though you cant get a new CR85 now anyway. LOL

We are ready to buy a new bike and hopin to find a left over new one somewhere.

Thanks in advance,

Kawi stopped selling them in the U.S. back in '05. Other countries continued to get the same model for a few more years.

2005 was the last year Kawasaki imported the KX125 in the USA. I think it would be very difficult to find a new, 5 year old model in a dealership. It would be harder, or you would be even luckier as another way of looking at it, if you found one within driving distance.

If he is not opposed to blue and you are looking for new only, you can buy him a new Yamaha YZ125. KTM also makes a current year 125 and 150 (144cc). For 2010, KTM is dropping the 125 and going with just the 150.

I wouldn't mind comparing a new YZ to an 05 KX125 with that ultra slim chassis. Would be fun.

Thanks a ton guys!

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