2005 CRF450 Broken exhaust mount

Hey guys, was riding my 05 CRF450 recently and noticed the tab for the lower exhaust mount snapped off the frame....

I checked out my buddies 06 and noticed the mount was relocated to the subframe. Thinking about trying a 06 sub on mine , or just welding a new bracket to my subframe then smoothing out the broken spot on the main frame.

anyone else have this problem?

An 06 subframe is a good fix. Except, wont you need the 06 exhaust then?

Had a similiar issue with my 05 back in the day. Have it welded, then grind the weld with a dremel flush so that the bolt head sits square on the tab.

To set it back in place, I safety wired the tab to the frame. Usually the broken edges will fit back in place like a puzzle. Once it is tacked, you can remove the safety wire and finish the weld.

Check your silencer packing too. Mine had been blown out and I figured it was the cause.

mine is blown out.... maybe that was it.

I think i might try the 06 sub fix, ...anyone know if side panels and everything are the same?

id rather just get away from that old mount style, dont want to have it break again.

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