New Corbin Seat Today

I decided to drive down to Hollister today and get a custom made Corbin seat. I got down there by 9:30 AM and they asked me a few questions and went right to work. They molded and placed the seat foam on the bike and shaved some off and checked it on the bike again and shaved some more and back and forth until it was just right. Then they had me take a ride on the bike with the new seat before they upholstered it. I chose the basket weave top with the asphalt sides and I had them embroider the Corbin logo in red. I was out of there before noon.

The fit and finish is really nice and I'm glad I went there and had them fit it to my bike instead of just ordering one over the phone and taking what I got, because I saw how many times the seat was placed on my bike and then a little taken off here or there before it fit like a glove.

I haven't been on a long ride since I got it home, only to the next town's hardware store, but this weekend I will give it the test. Below is a photo of the seat on my SM 610.


That looks nice, how bout a few shots from diff. angles. I did not like their original try at a Husky seat, but from your pick it looks good! How much ?

Looks really good, nice fit. Yeah, how much?

Looks really good, nice fit. Yeah, how much?

The one for the SM 610 was $379, but they don't use your stock seat so you still have that in case of an emergency - or you could sell it to someone needing a stock seat and recoup some of the cost. :bonk:

I bought one earlier this year and had to fit it myself, their customer service was poor, but I love the seat now. I have the asphalt cover. I think it was $412.00 shipped.

Click for big pics.





Nice! Personally I would have gone with the high seat like the original, but that thing looks sweet.

I thought all seat bases were the same on 05/09 TE/SM610 Huskys?

Only thing different was the seat material cover colors per model year.

Maybe I'm missing something?

Still the seat looks nice!!!! :bonk:

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