De-cat exhaust with stock fueling??

I've been thinking about doing the Krabill de-cat so I decided to take my endcap off and take a look just for starters. Well, I twisted two of the bolts heads off. I think the suckers must be extra brittle. All three bolts felt the same, one came out the other two broke off. Sure wish I'd thought to squirt PB Blaster or some such ahead of time.

My FMF programmer should be here Monday; I was planning to install it, remove the AIS and de-cat the pipe all at one time. But since I took my pipe off today to drill the bolts out, would it be OK to go ahead with the de-cat and ride the bike over the weekend with no cat and stock fueling? I've done no mods other than the airbox flapper. I'd like to hear what you all think.

Krabill de-cat post #3112

Thanks very much.


the bike runs lean in its stock form, what you did is probly not going to hurt anything though, especial for a weekend. get a fmf fuel programer, drill some holes in the baffel and cut out the tip and weld in a larger one and remove the top of your airbox and your ready to rock.

Sepherath is right, it will be lean, but go for it. It will be fine for one weekend. Just watch the slow stuff, as it will run hotter, keep the bike at speed. There are guys always posting on SMJ that they are running slipons and other mods with no FI adjuster, and do it for extended amounts of time, still running, though the engine life is probably shortened in those cases.

I wanted to say thanks again for helping me sort this bike out. Looking at aftermarket pipes now.


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