Horn quit, typical?

Warmed up, literally, like 30 degrees yesterday and went for a good long ride. Warmest day since Ive had my bike. I like enjoying my ride, not having to pack all this stuff on trying to keep warm. So I usually dont ride in the cold.

Anyhow, was messing with the horn, and it quit while I was on the express way. Started messing with it tonight, hoping there was a fuse or something. Doesnt seem to be the case. One spade on the plug is constant hot with the key on, other side grounds out when I hit the button. So seems to have power, as well as switch properly working.

So Id have to assume the horn is bad. Wouldnt care much, but Im gonna take my test on it, and it wont pass unless it has a horn. That common?

Its an 08, with just under 3400 mi on her.

Mine's an 06, it quit too, replaced it with a Fiam(?) sounds like a small european car now

The horn on my '06 just died a couple of weeks ago. I haven't had time to investigate the cause. Looks like time for a new one though.

Mine went on my KTM 690 so I replaced it with one of those Fiam deals too. Got it from Advanced Auto for like $10. Should work on the DR too.


I think that is the horn I put on mine (died after 8 years). I did not have time to really check to see that is what I got, try searching this forum under "euro horn". Works good, way louder than stock and almost a straight install - which is about as good as it gets on the DR

Mine's dead most of the time. Once in awhile I can get a beep out of it. I bought my bike used and it came with some extra parts including a horn. Funny thing, that horn doesn't work either. Perhaps a bad switch???

a good horn test is to remove it, clip your jumpers on the leads (1st) then touch the leads to your car battery. Mine died what sounded like a slow and painful death, it sounded like a duck fart before it's last peep

I have a 93 DR350. Bought it used and the horn is dead. Thanks for the info on the Advance Auto horn. I took the old horn off and performed the battery test. No sound whatsoever.

My horn quit after about 8 months. I went to advance auto and got a fiamm low tone horn for 16 bucks. It was much louder and hooked up in about 15 minutes. Money well spent. :bonk:

Mine died too. There is a little adjustment screw on the horn that might revive it. It's very sensitive though so do minor adjustments until it works again.

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