450x exhuast on a R

Just looking for some info to see if the exhaust from an 07 450x will work on a 05 450r? My buddy dented his pipe up and is looking for something to get him by for a little while. I ask about the 07 x because I may have a friend that has one, he's trying to find it right now in his garage. I've heard it works but looking for some input.

Just looking for some info to see if the exhaust from an 07 450x will work on a 05 450r?



Would I have to use the silencer and pipe? Can I use the R silencer and X pipe?

1. Would I have to use the silencer and pipe?

2. Can I use the R silencer and X pipe?

1. No

2. Yes

if you cant find the exhaust, i have one

i have an 06 450x stock ,got a ticket from blm ranger for no spark arrestor Honda says it CA legal but doesnt have USFS stamp what to do ?

i have an 06 450x stock ,got a ticket from blm ranger for no spark arrestor Honda says it CA legal but doesnt have USFS stamp what to do ?

Go to court and fight it even if it costs more to do that than just pay it. I think the BLM guy who wrote you a ticket for a totally legal sparky was smokin' some of that legal MJ out there.:smirk::lol::ride: BLM is hard up for tickets. There were half the people as usual for Halloween weekend at the Imperial Dunes this year so I'm sure revenues are tanking. Imagine that.

Here is the actual rule from the DMV. As long as you meet the requirements of (:moon: and © you are all good. Protest the ticket in writing, cite this section, and explain how your exhaust section meets the requirements. Notice the big fat "or" I highlighted...the stamp is not a requirement or they would have used the word "and." I added the busted emoticons so you would see it :lol: YOU'LL WIN!!! :smirk:

Division 16.5, Chapter 6, Article 4 » Section 38366 Spark Arrester

(a) Notwithstanding Section 4442 of the Public Resources Code, and except for vehicles with mufflers as provided in Article 2 (commencing with Section 27150) of Chapter 5 of Division 12, no person shall use, operate, or allow to be used or operated, any off-highway motor vehicle, as defined in Section 38006, on any forest-covered land, brush-covered land, or grass-covered land unless the vehicle is equipped with a spark arrester maintained in effective working order.

(:ride: A spark arrester affixed to the exhaust system of a vehicle subject to this section shall not be placed or mounted in such a manner as to allow flames or heat from the exhaust system to ignite any flammable material.

© A spark arrester is a device constructed of nonflammable materials specifically for the purpose of removing and retaining carbon and other flammable particles over 0.0232 of an inch in size from the exhaust flow of an internal combustion engine :ride:or :lol: which is qualified and rated by the United States Forest Service.

(d) Subdivision (a) shall not be applicable to vehicles being operated off the highway in an organized racing or competitive event upon a closed course, which is conducted under the auspices of a recognized sanctioning body and by permit issued by the fire protection authority having jurisdiction.

Added Ch. 1027, Stats. 1987. Effective January 1, 1988.

Protesting in writing when you know what you are talking about works...check out my response to this thread:


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