1995 620 rxc repair manual ?

having a bear of a time finding one in ENGLISH lots in germany anyone have any info?

same problem,i have two in german,wasted paper to me.i cant find anything

I am pretty sure they are not copyright pirates, there is an online only service too, pay so much per year, pretty sure that is legit too, I just bought a clymer for the bikes in interest(a DRZ-400 and KLR-650) I am thinking about buying a KTM 620 dual sport with 2000 miles, but they don't say what year is is(that is why I am here in this section). I do not trust the local dealership to work on my bikes, nor can I afford it. I am kinda worried cause my german isn' very good (just get by in english, lucky I had my wife edit all my graduate papers:banana:). I think cyclepedia might be one, and i had ordered a disk for for a non computer using buddy for an old '70s Yamaha. I avoid pirated material. I would ask how you like the bikes but aint going to jack the thread, think I will start one, a kid destroyed my bike from under me in may:foul: and I am haggling with the bike killers insurance and thought about the KTM.

I've got the manual for the 620EXC floating around somewhere on a disc - I'll try and find it, but can't promise as I haven't had to use it for a few years.

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