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1995 620 rxc repair manual ?

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I am pretty sure they are not copyright pirates, there is an online only service too, pay so much per year, pretty sure that is legit too, I just bought a clymer for the bikes in interest(a DRZ-400 and KLR-650) I am thinking about buying a KTM 620 dual sport with 2000 miles, but they don't say what year is is(that is why I am here in this section). I do not trust the local dealership to work on my bikes, nor can I afford it. I am kinda worried cause my german isn' very good (just get by in english, lucky I had my wife edit all my graduate papers:banana:). I think cyclepedia might be one, and i had ordered a disk for for a non computer using buddy for an old '70s Yamaha. I avoid pirated material. I would ask how you like the bikes but aint going to jack the thread, think I will start one, a kid destroyed my bike from under me in may:foul: and I am haggling with the bike killers insurance and thought about the KTM.

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I've got the manual for the 620EXC floating around somewhere on a disc - I'll try and find it, but can't promise as I haven't had to use it for a few years.

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      Who says you cant be competitive on a 550 lb Bike??
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      What are these? Big heavy 550- 600 pound road bikes with dirt tires and an upright position?
      That seems to be them.
      To me an "adventure bike" is one that you travel on remote roads which aren't developed.
      If you're not able to pick it up when you drop it ( and you should daily ), then it's not an adventure.
      Try picking up a 600-700 pound bike by yourself on a loose steep road....ain't gonna happen.
      So it beats me why these bike manufacturers don't take a DR,KLR,XR and give them a 6 speed tranny, and a modern suspension. These are the real adventure bikes...fun,light and you can power slide and get her loose without worrying about being crushed when you drop. The only one that's up to speed is the KTM. Instead, these are stuck in the 1980's tech department.
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      Hello all,
      Long time lurker, new member here. Read the LC4 thread index on adv but couldn't find any help there.
      I own an 04' 625 smc with about 15500 miles.
      It recently went out on me. The rocker arm follower bearing seized and cause havok inside the rocker cover. New rocker arm assemblies (intake and exhaust) installed, new rocker shafts, new 690 rallye cam, and new cam bearings. The old cam was shredded from the follower bearing seize.
      So now that's all replaced and put back together, there is another issue. Though it may be the original issue that caused the follower bearing failure in the first place.
      My oil flow into the frame neck seems to be very low to nill. I can not get the frame to burp oil out of the upper frame plug as needed. It ran for 5 minutes without any oil coming out. There seems to be little to no oil building up in the frame tube. Either its being suctioned out too fast or pumped in too slowly. 
      So question is, what to do? I have checked the oil lines going to the frame neck for debris.
      How can I properly check the oil flow into the frame neck?
      I've read that the oil bypass piston on the bottom of the sump can get stuck. 
      Although this doesn't seem like it would cause the low oil flow.
      Could it be one or both of the oil pumps? If so, how can I check the flow/pressure these are putting out, do I just loosen all of the banjo bolts slowly to see if oil is flowing?
      Any help would be greatly appreciated,
      Thank you,