Looking for: 07-08 YZF 250 Exhaust

I looked in the parts/ For sale section, anyone have a Stock exhaust system in excellent condition from 07-08 Yzf250? I just picked up a 07 WR250 and I'm looking to open it up some. I done this mod on a 07 WR250 I had 2 years ago and mounted up just fine. I also ordered a needle from a yz250F so I'm looking for one of those as well.

I have one from an 07'.

Where in KY are you?

London, Ky

No one has a "stock" exahust from 06-07, 08 Yzf250 they want to sale?

I have an almost new one from a 07' yz250f. Shipping will be around $18 if you want it UPS and usually about 3 days to Kentuky from IA. What are you looking to pay plus shipping? Send me a PM if interested and we can discuss payment. Jake

if u want i have an 09 full exhaust im trying to get rid of if u are interested..Pm me if u want more info...

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