09 Offroad Vid

I thought you offroad guys mite like to see the 09 on the trails. This is me and a buddy doing some riding at our riding lease in east TX. Both bike's are 09's and set up for trail riding and Hare Scrambles. I shot this with a gopro helmet cam, mounted to my mouth piece of my helmet.:bonk:

Stewart Frank



that looks pretty cool...Very nice trails!!!!!

wow thats awesome.

i wish our trails were like that.

our mx track isnt even that wide in some spots.

Nice, what size gas tank is that?

IMS 2.7 gallon.

That helmet cam works better than most that I've seen. I didn't think you would have nice dust-free trails like that in Texas. Maybe I should get out more. Makes me want to ditch work and go ride.

It was a good weekend it had just rained two days before, traction was perfect.




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