Things are tighter than I thought (moving parts and modifications)

I bought my DR650 used a couple of years ago and really, haven't ridden it all that much. I love it for sure but mostly have a big bike for the road and a little bike for the dirt and just bought this as a camp bike. Any way, the PO had the bike modified with RM250 USD forks and an RM 250 shock, both worked over by Factory Connection. The bike also came with a supertrap muffler and only two of the three bolts needed to affix the stock muffler as the ST uses only two bolts to mount. Well, I found the ST much, much too loud so I took it off and put the stock, very heavy muffler back on use BOTH bolts to secure the muffler itself to the bike and NOT securing the mid-pipe area. I rode it around for the longest time but there was always a....noise, like a squeaking. I couldn;t for the life of me track it down but today I re-packed the Supertrap and went to slide it back on and it all started to make sense. The fluid reservoir from the shock and the shock spring are both in the way. The reservoir is the worst offender though. It actually touches the head pipe. Strike that. The head pipe is actually DENTED to fit around the reservoir! There is a zillinth of an inch clearance between the spring and the pipe now that the mid-pipe is bolted to the frame but I'll bet dollars-to-doughnuts that that was the squeaking noise that I heard before. I haven't gotten to test ride it yet though as I am still trying to figure out how to stop the substantial exhaust leek from around the head-pipe/mid-pipe junction. If the clearance is still too tight I'm screwed. Is it possible to put on just a stock DR650 shock or will that un-balance the geometry with the RM forks? What company makes an aftermarket shock that does not have or has a smaller reservoir that the RM250 shock? Hopefully just making sure that this part is bolted up tight will alleviate the problems but if not, how can I shoot this trouble?

bang the exuast in with hammer, dent it to make cleareance. Keep things simple.

bang the exuast in with hammer, dent it to make cleareance. Keep things simple.

Spoken like a pro mechanic... :bonk:

To the OP:

Not sure how much longer the RM forks are, but if you put the stock shock back on there are aftermarket links that will raise the rear by 1".

Alternatively Wilbers makes a really nice shock for the DR without an external reservoir, but is a rather expensive solution to your problem.


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