im thinking twice about the 09 please help

so im having a few concerns about the 09 crf450r. im looking at a used on, but worried about the decomp pin and was reading about the bottom end going out. the last 4 of the vin is 5217. as i understand it it is a vin thing. would i be ok? also what is causing all the lower ends going out? something about fuel in the oil??? how is it getting in there. i also read about filtering the fuel. :bonk: so i ordered a kleen filter for the jug.

plenty of threads here on any of the topics your worried about. also plenty of 09's on here with 100 plus hours on them and no problems. the decomp pin is a recall covered by the dealer. over 40 hours on mine and no problems not even the valves moved. only thing i did was replace the decomp pin

i would be more worried about the normal things you worry about when buying a used bike like if the owner took care of it more then the 09 itself

If this bike was a early 09 and was done by the dealer they put a small punch mark in front of the vin. We have had 4 of these bikes this year and they have been great. I did have 2 fuel pumps fail and 1 that had a clutch break and a small piece of the metal went down the pushrod shaft and caused the shaft to go bad. I also have 1 for sale in the classifieds on this sight. If you interested or have any other questions give me call. 517-376-1438

What vin numbers are affected with the decomp pin? And after what vin number was the problem fixed?

I love my 09...its all stock except for some lower foot pegs. I had the decomp pin replaced (for free by the dealer of course) but that may have never went bad.

So no problems here at all and every other bike I've been on since I bought my 09 has felt like a tank.

IMO I don't think you can go wrong with an 09...but I'm a little biased (ha, ha).

If you have concerns, don't buy one. If you want info, search.

If you have concerns, don't buy one. If you want info, search.
wow thank you soooo much


my mistake i just figure forums were here to help people and sometimes keep them from searching for 5 hours for an answer that someone who is on here often can answer in a sec. and btw picked my 09 up today.

gas in the oil... bad injector replace with 16450-HN8-A61 Also used on the TRX700 quad

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