First 2 stroke--99 CR250!!

So I decided I wanted to learn MX and supermoto and maybe hare scrambles over the next couple years. I went about looking for a good bike to try all those things. I decided I wanted to go with a 250 2 stroke because they are generally a good baseline set up for MX and are way lighter than the bike I learned to ride off-road.

I was going to patch up my ATK605 and sell it but I ran across a guy who was looking for a project bike in trade for his CR250 with a fresh rebuild in the motor. I emailed him and we did the trade tonight.

I can't wait to get this thing trail registered and try it out next week.

Congrats man hope you like the 2 stroke. I will eventually go back to one, it will make a good rider out of you. Post some pics if can.

I'm counting on it to teach me alot. I;m old enough to be respectful of the throttle and am thinking about installing a flywheel weight to tame it down until I'm used to it. I'll probably just wing it though.


Also, there doesn't seem to be much travel in the rear shock, is there a height adjuster on the thing or something, maybe just a preload adjuster or something. Seems like the bike isn't nearly as high as it should be. :bonk:

Looks good man. The only way to adjust the height would be to tighten the rear spring but I wouldnt do that. If you have a manual there will be a chapter that tells you how to set it up for your weight. Having the suspension set up (adjusting sag) for your weight will make a big difference.

Bounce the rear suspension to make sure it's actually working. I bought a '97 250r this year and found that some of the rear suspension bearings were seized, and the only suspension I was getting was tire and seat deflection. It's fixed now though.

So I found out today it's actually a 98. Doesn't matter to me per se. I rode it today for the first time finally and holy crap this thing rips. It felt so much faster and so much lighter than my ATK did. I need to work on some technique stuff (tending to lean back while jumping and stuff) but I am still loving this off-road riding stuff and can't wait to try an MX track. I am hoping to hit up the Sandbox arena (indoor mx in wisconsin) this winter a few times. Rear tire is shot, not much straight line grip but tons of side bite.

I just bought my 1998 Cr250r about 3 weeks ago and I love it!!!!!

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