Popkum ORV Park!

Its in the works just out side of Chilliwack. Lots of buerachratic b.s going on but lets try and support this if we can!! It will open up new terrain/give the sport somewhere to go with out upsetting enviro's and keep the traffic lower on our current favorite riding spots. Anyone herd any new news. If so please try and support what is going on!! Supposed to be open early 2010.

Is this the same "Fraser Valley ORV" that i heard a lot about but never materialized? They were well under way building and shaping etc.. but something happened and it was delayed and/or scrubbed. They have a website but it hasn't been updated in a month or so...maybe more. Check it out at fraservalleyorv dot com.

Yes its one and the same. No there has been no updates but hopefully they are busy working. Driven buy a few times and there have at least been people doing something up there latley. Bad weather is starting to mess with the grounds though. I think

Where is it exactly? I've never seen it although i'm out in maple ridge and the only time i get into the valley is to go riding at Hope.

Its not to far past the water slides on #1 hwy. Look to your right as you are going past the last of the houses etc. You will see some of the table tops etc right by the freeway.

Thanks, I'll take a look for it on the weekend. If the weather holds this weekend...gonna take a rip up to Hope for the day and ride Tailings Pond at nicklemine. Thanks again.

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