2008 Beta 450RR electrical questions for HID conversion

I've got a friend who wants to get into night riding and just picked up an 08 Beta 450RR. It's a sweet bike. He is not much of a computer guy so I'm asking.

While it has a light, like all stock bikes it's really only good for limping back to the camp if it gets dark. For real night use a HID conversion is a minimum. It looks like the stock light is only 35 watts and a HID needs about 43 watts of DC. I've looked at everything I can find, but I still need a little more info so I can figure out if this is a possibility.

  • What kind of bulb does it use? Is it one of the BA20d base types like the KTM's run?
  • I see that it is a single phase coil that supplies both the AC lighting and the DC for the battery. How many watts is the bike rated for?
  • How many watts can you run on the DC side of the regulator?
  • Any high output aftermarket stators available? Can you use a KTM stator?

Thanks for any info anyone can give.

I have a Trail Tech high output stator and X2 light on mine. I've got enough output to run both beams and grip heaters. One negitive on the HID is the warm up time. You can't switch the flood beam on and off like a high beam, and it's way to bright to use in traffic. I end up using the pencil beam only on the road, which is OK but not great. Off road it is very good. I think I'd go with the halogen model if I did it over.

I do alot of long dual sport rides and often have a hour or so pavement burn in the dark.

As the Beta has a KTM RFS engine, I would check the KTM RFS forums, KTM Talk and any others that come to mind (Advrider!?) I recall that there are a few options to increase stator output easily. There was a simple wire polarity connection change, rewind mods and replacement stators. It's been a while since I read about it all, so I'm not able to be more specific, but the info is out there. Good luck.

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