Just measured sag, help me out if this is incorrect

I just measured the sag on my bike.

First measurement(bike on a stand) was 620 mm.

Second measurement( me on the bike) was 520 mm.

The difference(race sag) was 102 mm, just barely over 4 inches.

Just the bike on the garage floor with no one on it was 590 mm.

Which one is the static sag? Looking at some Suspension tuning websites it looks as if I am right on with everything and don't have to make any adjustments.

Your good.....102mm's "rider" sag along with 30mm's "free/static" sag. :bonk:


So no need to touch it? I just adjusted the rebound and compression too so I should be good to go.

I think you were asking witch mesurment was static sag. Static sag is the mesurment you took after you set rider sag (you on the bike). After you set your rider sag, you placed the bike on the ground under its own weight (no one or anything on the bike). You use this mesurment to make sure your springs are corect for your weight and you are all good. By the way, your first mesurment (back wheel off the ground no one on) is called free sag. Hope I helpped.

Yeah, thanks for the help. It looks like I am the right weight for the spring.

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