02 CR250 rear brake problem

I just replaced the pads on the rear of my 02 cr250 and I had to open the caliper/piston to have the room to put in the new pads (i push it open with my hand) and now the rear brake pedal moves too far through the entire distance allowed where as before it would move maybe an inch or so.

did I just get air in the system to where I just need to bleed the brake or could I maybe destroyed the seals in the master cylinder. any help would be greatly appreciated.


For future reference you don't have to open the bleeder to push you piston back in when replacing the pads. When you opened the bleeder and pushed your piston back in, you lost some fluid. Then when you pumped the brake pedal with a less than full reservoir, you may have picked up air. Don't worry about over filling you reservoir, the "rubber expansion bladder" on the reservoir cap will displace enough fluid when you install it.

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