WD40 after wash

Hey I usually wd40 my bike after I clean it plastics and all. I did notice my numbers are not as white anymore compared to my sons bike. Anybody else think this might haved cause this?

It could be that or that they are stained with dirt. WD 40 can stain, as it penetrates.

i wouldnt use wd40 on plastics.

i always use wd40 on my plastics. i havent noticed any color change, i got white also. i get new plastics about once a year tho...so idk how long u have been doing that

Try out some Pledge wipes on the plastics. It works. My riding buddies are always jealous of my beautiful clean bike. :bonk:

I would say WD40 will stain white over time. I clean my plastics with simple green but I spray wd40 on the bottom of the fenders right before I ride, which makes the dirt/mud fall off instead of having to scrape it off between motos.

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