flywheel ?

is an xr80 flywheel the same as the 100? both 01 models in question.

i already know the part #'s are different but i still think they interchange.

If the model code is the same they are probably interchangable but may not be compatable with your stator. (Model code is the three digits/letters in the middle of the part number.)

xr80 and 100 use the same stator

i know lots of other flywheels will work in a pinch (im using a crf50 flywheel now with no keyway). im just getting tired of timing it correctly after every removal. i went ahead and ordered the 80 flywheel last night after looking at some pics which showed the keyway slot is in the same position to the timing tab on both flywheels. guess i will find out for sure next week.

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