free play in linkage

my 426 is only two weeks old, when it is up on the stand, and i grab the rear wheel, i can get about an 1/8 inch of free play in the linkage, seems like its in the bottom shock mount, but not sure, did not do this when new ( two weeks ago), i also notced this on other yzs , does anyone have any ideas, could the bottom shock bearing go bad so soon? thank you. Bill

very likely that the bearings are bad due to lack of grease from the factory, if it is anything like mine was then the bearings are totally dry. I suggest you check all of your suspension and head set bearings, I guess there's a lack of grease in Japan.

Norman Kissam

Beaumont, TX

Dont be overly concerned about that small of an amount of play. Everyone keeps talking about no grease in the bearings. The thing is that you can only get so much grease in a set of needle bearings . When you put the swing arm axle thru those bearing it pushes all the extra grease out .Everyone seems to think that there should be enough grease in there to lube all the bearings in the entire world.Dont forget that these are regular maintaince areas that you are supposed to deal with or a regular basis.

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