Will a 09 yz450 swingarm fit a 07 wr450 ?

Will a 09 yz450 swingarm fit a 07 wr450 ? If so what all needs to be changed ? I thought I heard they have a differant axle size.

The 09 yz450 went from a 22mm to 25mm axle. I don't have the answer to your wr450f fit, but MXA wrote this about trying to fit the stock 08 yz450f wheel to the 09yz450f swingarm:

You can use the 22mm axle and axle blocks but you will need to jerryrig a 25mm to 22mm sleeve for the rear brake caliper bracket and add an extra washer to the axle to take up the length.

I was thinking I would just change out the bearings and spacers and put in the 25 mm ones if I can find 25mm i.d. bearings with the right o.d. the main thing I need to know is if it will bolt on the front . the 08 yz swingarm and the 08 wr swingarm are the same . the lower links are differant ratios . So what your saying is that you can bolt the whole front part with the 09 linkages on an 08 yz just having axle size issues then to work out on the wheel right ?

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