Just a quick post - the remaining two (THE BBR and her TTR) were found run into a lake-the BBR is in fine condition, was not underwater. The TTR was submerged, and I'm heading out to work on it now, thanks to a half -day off. Thanks to all well-wishers for the kind thoughts.

We still have a case open on it. The best part (besides recovery of all bikes) was that I was on duty and personally recovered them in my patrol area after some tips.

very cool!!!!! :):D



That is really great to hear, Wonder who was so stupid, as to steal an officers bikes !!! :):D Hope you get some more tips.. If they were ghost rode sounds like kids or amatuers

Hip hip – hooray!

Now for the thieves, after you catch them how bout dragging them behind one of the recovered bikes through a cactus patch. Can you tell I have no sympathy for someone who steals motorcycles?

Happy for you :)

I just hope the bikes were not too damaged.

Very cool. Glad to hear you got them all back.

Glad to hear you got the bikes back. :D Sorry to hear one drowned :) Hope you can get her back to full roost again.


Thanks! All are doing fine, including the swimmer. :D Eight oil changes later, she sounds great. :)

That is good to hear.I hope you catch the little buggers.They need to learn a lesson. :)


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