08, Deal or No Deal???

Long story short, I Raced for about 8 years on and off and I quit in 2004 and stepped away well now I want to get another bike to ride (no racing) and my last bike was an 04 YZ250F, Loved the bike but im about 30 lbs heavier and so I went looking at a new 250F and I came across a deal that I think is to good to pass up, I found a new 08 YZ450 at a local dealer and I have known them from my racing days I told them I was looking for a 250F and they showed me this bike and the price is $4,370 OTD!!

Do i really want a 450? And its several $ less than the 09 250F they have, :bonk:

Hard to pass on more power for less money.

Those are just my thoughts though.

Thats what im thinking!:bonk:

Snag it!

I WAS thinking about 5000 as I was reading the comment Iwould have to do that ..

I would go with the 450. Hard to pass up horsepower and torque.

Um, at that price OTD I would run down there and load it up before someone realizes how low they sold it to you! Try not to lose the bike out the back of the truck when you powershift second in the parking lot!!

Done deal!!! $4280.00 and its in my garage!!!!


Have fun

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