04 450 header...

I have read on here how the newer headers on the WR's are not that great performance wise, and lots of ppl going to the YZ header instead....

How does the 04 stock header stack up?

I got a bit of a ding in mine, and thinking of a "upgrade", but I would want something to help on the bottom end (not that it's really lacking there), and it already has a big mid/top end on it, so if I'm putting power somewhere I want it going down low, rather then up high.

Would also like steel if possible, and looking hard at the FMF "FF" PowerBomb (Supposed to help bottom/mid), bit it is only available in Ti, compared to the "Moto" Powerbomb (Helps Top end, which is not what I want) which is in SS, but, they are both the same price.

Right now, I'm leaning to the powerbomb Ti "FF" version.

Bike already has a FMF Ti PowerCore, JD, and Hotcams, with all free mods.

Any other suggestions out there you feel would be better?

I beleive that 04 header is the same as the Y's. the smaller header's are on the 07 and newer bikes! ? Can you weld -- heat-- pull the ding out? or is it toast :bonk:

how many hours on your 04wr450f -- is it time for some tlc.

I'm the third owner, and really do not know how many hours are on it...

I freshened up the top end last year, with a new hone, rings, seals, gaskets, cams, timing chain, etc, though. However, it will be getting new cylinder, piston, rings, again this winter ( search a thread from me on "How to check oil pressure...") to see why...short version is I should have replaced piston/cylinder last year when in there, and I didn't.

I can TRY to repair the header (and it is not that bad, I have been running it as is for some time), and I will either be successful, or, not I guess, but I do not mind a moderate investment in a new one as long as any power gains are in the bottom end ($199 for the powerbomb, and the megabomb is out of the question $$ wise).

I was the first person ever in the top end I would say, and the bottom has never been opened up.

?? split the case, check the main's,rod,crank etc.-- good idea -- If I every get enough money and hours on the motor I think I'll sent it to "williams" add a new igniton and slid it back in, lol. I ordered a hotcam last night for my 06.

I'd REALLY rather not split the cases unless I have to....a bit out of my "comfort" range....

Being that it's an 03, how many miles on it, and that's alot of money your putting in it, parts-time, I would do the bottom end--play it safe-- Just an idea you could ship it to willaimsmotorsports for a rebuild, I've read great things about his work and the cost is ok too.

If the ding in the header isn't too bad an easy way to fix it is to fill it with water and stick in the freezer. If the dent doesn't come out the first time thaw and re freeze.


I see a few that are advertising the ss pb, but do they have it in stock, as far as going ti, imo, hanging around here the stock 03-06 is a better header for bottom end than the ti-pb when off roading, ti just dings to easily. As for the bottom end that you are looking for and that you are going to buy a new header anyways --I'd go Dr.d full system and sell your current pipe, I've seen them around the $450 mark or lower? So far the best add-on on mine was a Dr.d slip-on and is one of the best pipes 4'r low end grunt. You could go with a fmf4.1 full system, but can you find one with a sspb? I've seen them around for $480? ?? / ?? Ya,-- DR.D-better made,stronger casing, and a huge amount of RnD went into the y's system by Doug Debouch for yami.

High Comp. piston, head work(pp).Vortex ignition is on my wish list to do??? and hopefully will do it when it's time to change the cam chain?? at least a hc piston, lol:thumbsup:my goal is to have all that bling and have the vortex to retared it back to my skill level. :bonk:

"hanging around here the stock 03-06 is a better header for bottom end than the ti-pb when off roading, "

That's what I was looking for ..I guess I should have asked "is the PB better then the 04 stock header for low end and "trail/woods" riding?"

If it isn't, then I don't want it, and I'll try the freezing trick.

I'm not really looking for more power, but if I'm going to get it I want it on the bottom, not the top. Since my header was dinged up, and if the PB helped the bottom, for $199, well, I'd go for it, but if the 04 header is better for the bottom, I'm sticking with it, and will either try and fix mine, ebay a stocker, or, just leave as is...lol

The Ti pb will give some bottom end, but at $250 its not worth the money--they get damaged way to easy- that 250 would be better spent in having some head work done-- or a DR.D full system, if you can find a ss pb header buy it, but don't waste your money on the ti.

One fellow tt'r Clark, haven't seen around in awhile, has had xp with diff pipes and header's --- he found that the power bomb header and a Dr.d slip-on was the best combo!! -- did the pb add bottom, yes, but very little compared to what the DR.D originally gave with the stock wr/yz header.

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