MX & Mud

Saturday night 8pm lined up for Moto number 2 and out comes the water truck! Great! Mud here we come. Gate drops off we go - 1st lap Stall, 2nd lap Stall, and 4th lap Stall. In all cases I stalled going into very slick corners. I tried to grab a handfull of clutch for each corning but I was too late. What is the trick to not stall when corners are very slick? Any ideas? There were two other 426's in my race and they stalled several times as well.

The trick is to stay off the rear brake when the throttle is closed and the motor is idling, as in going into slow corners. So, brake early and keep the throttle cracked open.

Scott F

One thing that I do is run the idle a little higher than normal. This works well, also helps if you slide out in the corner and go down - engine usually stays running. I do know of a few guys who were very happy with their bike after adding an 8oz flywheel weight.


99 YZ400 Stock!!

James, I live in Phoenix and have Terrycable 6 and 8 oz flywheel weights for sale. $50 for the pair.

Paul in AZ


Thanks for input guys. Paul thanks for the offer but I have fly wheel weight.

In the manual it says to run the idle at 1700-1900 RPM, I had the same problem until I raised my idle speed. I hardly ever stall now, even lugging around a tight corner in second. I've only done a couple races on it so far and haven't stalled in an actual race yet, but it has happened a couple times just out riding. Happened all the time before I made the adjustment, and one other thing I have found is that this bike starts much easier now after maybe 15 hours...



>The bike starts much easier now after 15 hours<

Does this mean the bike broke you in?

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